CLEANING - A-1 Dry Cleaners Elmsford NY
A-1 Cleaners has 47 years of reliable service in Dry Cleaning, Laundering and fine tailoring. Odor free dry cleaning, Organic Cleaning Elmsford NY, Wash and Fold, Best Dry Cleaning Westchester County, NY
Organic Cleaning, Fine Dry Cleaning, Elmsford NY, Green Cleaning, Wash and Fold, Best Dry Cleaning Westchester County, NY
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Save your Time, Energy & Gas. Join Our Concierge Service.

A-1 Cleaners provides the following services

Odorless Dry Cleaning

Odorless and respectful cleaning of all garments – performed at the highest standards. Walk into our shop and smell the difference.

Dress Shirt Laundering

Mens Dress shirts, cleaned and finished for freshness. After all – a dress shirt is the foundation of most gentlemen’s outfits.

Evening Wear

When it comes to care for your couture – who else should you trust but a cleaner with over 47 years of fine garment care?

Uggs and Leather Care

We know you love your Uggs as much as your leather jacket. We’ll return your fine leather items back to you ready to wear and enjoy.

Denim Care

Blue jeans with heavy inks are best left to a dry cleaner’s care. Prevent shrinking, tearing, and fading. Enjoy them for years to come.

Down Coats & jackets

Get ready for the cold months ahead. Freshen your coat before it’s time to pull it out of a closet – as it may still have last year’s soiling.

FREE Box Storage

Crammed closets no more – in apartments or older closet-deficient homes. Come in for a storage box and enjoy the space.

Cleaning by Hand

Our production specialists often clean and press many of the piece you bring us by hand. Most people are willing to wait for this type of perfection.

Who Has Time for Laundry?

(We WASH & FOLD by the bag size – never by the pound.)

Medium Bag

Pay only $15 per Load

(Plus an initial $10 deposit)

Large Bag

Pay only $20 per Load

(Plus an initial $10 deposit)