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A-1 Cleaners has 47 years of reliable service in Dry Cleaning, Laundering and fine tailoring. Odor free dry cleaning, Organic Cleaning Elmsford NY, Wash and Fold, Best Dry Cleaning Westchester County, NY
Home Linens Cleaning, Bedspread cleaning, Organic Cleaning, Fine Dry Cleaning, Elmsford NY, Green Cleaning, Wash and Fold, Best Dry Cleaning Westchester County, NY
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Your Home Should Be as Clean as Your Clothes

Seasonal cleaning of ALL your fine linens for your bedroom including: Drapes, Rugs, Bedspreads, Duvets, Comforters, Dust Ruffles and Pillows. And don’t forget the most formal room of the house – the Dining Room including Napkins and Table Cloths.


Preserve color & vibrancy. Remove odor and airborne contaminants in your home.


Remove pet stains and all odors from this trampled under foot home items..


You sleep with these items – so why not keep them the freshest item in the house?


Ditto. Duvets are the barrier between your skin and your comforter. Easily removed & cleaned for freshness.

Dust Ruffles

Don’t forget this bedroom item. It’s name implies dust collection. Keep it clean and fresh.


We know you cannot bear to part with it for too long. We’ll return it ASAP in sanitary condition.

Table Cloths/Stain Removal

This tabletop item is often a catchall for food and germs. Stains are no match for our expert team.

Cloth Napkins

Formal table linens should be washed often before the next holiday shows up on your social calendar.

Call us if you have any questions about our ability to clean an item in your home.